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Marco Rubio of Florida said in a tweet on Wednesday. Facebook shares added 0. Google has been developing a censored version of its search engine under the codename "Dragonfly" since the start of last year, according to a report published Wednesday by The Intercept, which cites internal documents provided by a whistleblower.

Marco Rubio and even some Google employees are among those criticizing the company. GOOG have resigned because the company was not honoring its commitment to human rights in designing a search app for China and 16 lawmakers from the US Congress asked if the search giant would comply with China's internet censorship and surveillance policies, a report by Reuters said.

Marco Rubio of Florida said in a tweet on Wednesday.

Report Claims Iran Busted CIA's Secret Communication System Using Google Search

InGoogle's revenue amounted to Apple shares were down 0. Teams of programmers and engineers at Google worked on the custom Android app, which has already been shown to the Chinese government and, depending on approval by government higher-ups, could be launched in as soon as six months, Intercept said.

But the report pummelled shares of U. In fact, the level of tyranny has become so problematic that even mainstream media is occasionally forced to report on it.

The Google leadership, according to the The Intercept report, were furious when they discovered that the memo was being passed among employees who were not supposed to know about about the Dragonfly project. August 02, Cynthia Wong, senior internet researcher with Human Rights Watch, commented "This is very problematic from a privacy point of view, because it would allow far more detailed tracking and profiling of people's behavior You can contact the reporter of this story, Greg Sandoval, at gsandoval businessinsider.

A separate report, by technology news site The Information on Wednesday, said that Google was developing a news-aggregation app for use in China that would comply with the country's censorship laws.

In order to deliver this censored version of its search service, Google is working on a custom Android app which has had different internal names including Maotai and Longfei.

The news about Google's plan to build a censored search engine in China broke in August when The Intercept reported that the search platform would blacklist "sensitive queries" about topics including politics, free speech, democracy, human rights and peaceful protest, triggering internal protests among some Google employees.

Amazon shares were off by 0.

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Chinese state-owned Securities Times, however, said reports of the return of Google's search engine to China were not true, citing information from "relevant departments". The project is codenamed "Dragonfly" and the new service may take the form of an Android app, according to the report.

Due to its immense scale, Google also offers a crisis response service covering disasters, turmoil and emergencies, as well as an open source missing person finder in times of disaster.

FB is ramping up its effort to combat fake images and video that have been uploaded to its platform and flagged posts will be sent to outside fact-checkers for further review, a report in the Boston Globe said. Baidu Inc., which operates China’s dominant search engine, slumped the most in more than two months in Nasdaq trading on the prospect that Google may be seeking to re-enter the world’s biggest internet market with a censored product that meets China’s requirements.

Citing three sources, The Intercept reports Google forced employees to delete a memo that revealed a plan to launch a censored search engine in China that would track users.

A Google engineer who. Google’s rumoured prototype version of a censored search engine for China codenamed ‘Dragonfly’ links users’ search queries to their personal phone numbers, reveals The Intercept report. According to the report, this is likely to make things easier for the Chinese government to keep an.

Google may return to China via Shanghai Free-Trade Zone: Report. The US search giant has set up a company in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone, an economic experimental area in Shanghai which offers. SAN FRANCISCO: After exiting China eight years ago due to censorship and hacking, Google is tuning a mobile search app that would filter blacklisted search results in order to re-enter the market.

After 7 years, Google returns to China but without its search engine

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Report google in china
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