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A Point of View: Prisons don't work

Raphael Frazier Prisoners like Raphael Frazier found that jail only served to teach more about how to to break the law. Probation services offer careers advisers, drug abuse counsellors, business developers, mental health experts.

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Like society at large, I've discovered that prisons are beset by endless rules administered by petty-minded, management-speak-spouting bureaucrats - rules, programmes and so-called initiatives that result in the wastage of taxpayers' money.

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But what good is that. Lawmakers should also make it easier to site other reservoirs, and to transfer surface water between different areas.

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World Health Organisation Classifies Gaming Addiction Disorder

Certainly, if we go back a hundred years we find remarkably law-abiding citizenry and only 15, or so in prison as against today's ninety-odd, but perhaps this was because society for the lower orders, as they were then dubbed, was already a form of imprisonment.

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Praying for God to guide me. Of course, we aren't quite at the levels enjoyed by our closest allies, those prime exponents of the civilising mission the United States, whose extensive gulag now houses, it is estimated, more African American men than were enslaved immediately prior to their Civil War - but we're getting there.

Why Dubai is a 'playground for design'

As France's president Emmanuel Macron pursues an ambitious economic reform agenda, including enabling private companies to buy larger stakes in the airport operator ADP, Paris-based journalist Anne-Elisabeth Moutet describes the challenges Mr Macron faces.

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How long were you together. After 30 years of marriage and a number of relationships before that, I have [re] discovered that I much enjoy the single life style and my own company. Certainly there is the dead weight of the prison bureaucracy, a Kafkaesque interleaving of public service boondoggling and private sector lobbying, whose raison d'etre is not the reduction of the prison population but its increase.

A free iTunes desktop alternative for Windows is called Ziepod. Powder keg Then again, should you have cause to actually enter one of Her Majesty's prisons - as I have on many occasions as a prison visitor - you'll be in a position to appreciate the extent to which it is a decoction of modern urban Britain, what with its high numbers of ethnic minorities, alcoholics, drug addicts and the mentally ill.

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- Stream or download 50 MILLION+ episodes of podcasts, radio channels & audio books for FREE. Podcast Addict. Xavier Guillemane. Manage /5(K). An investigation that uncovered almost files of child pornography led to the arrest of an year-old East Berlin man.

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This podcast is one of my favorites. The BBC interviewer and the audience ask intelligent questions and it is entertaining and educational to listen to. world book club. Listen to your favorite news, comedy, sports and talk radio shows. Discover the best of NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, Freakonomics, Adam Carolla, TedTalks, SModcast, Joe Rogan.

Bbc world business report podcast addict
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