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A considerable portion of the first half-hour was devoted to business news. For 40 minutes we drifted slowly, the water gently lapping against the sides of the boat, past the mile-long succession of mighty towers and projecting bastions of the fort, each decorated with superb Mughal kiosks, lattices and finials.

Writing for Forbes, he said, "There are crocodiles in India, big ones.

Royal Enfield's saga on India Business Report on BBC World

Under United Nations' supervision, they agreed to a ceasefire along a line which left one-third of the state - comprising what Pakistan calls Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and the Northern Areas administered by Pakistan and two-thirds, Jammu, Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley, administered by India.

The Guardian AFP via France24 A court in Lahore dismisses a petition seeking a ban on the WikiLeaks website, with the judge ruling such a ban to be "unmaintainable" and that "We must bear the truth, no matter how harmful it is". To answer that, we will quote Business Standard, "The move has far-reaching implications for the broadcast industry, since the debate about whether the TRAI Act of superseded the Copyright Act of is now settled, said legal experts tracking the case.

For some time, I have been mulling over the right time to step away from an operating role at Flipkart Group. The programme celebrated its 20th anniversary on 17 January My plan was to continue in my current role for a few more quarters to continue the transition after closing the deal with Walmart.

According to the new tariff order, broadcasters were required to declare the maximum retail price MRP and nature of all the channels within 60 days. It has not entirely been smooth-sailing since for the partnership. That, and "particularly a lack of transparency" relating to how Binny chose to respond to the situation.

He strongly denies the allegation. They can only be sold a la carte. It was that beautiful moment, an hour before sunset, that north Indians call godhulibela — cow-dust time — and the Yamuna glittered in the evening light as brightly as any of the gems of Powis. Format[ edit ] Between The show is abbreviated during bank holidays to just three hours but still features regional news updates, and is completely simulcast on the BBC News Channel.

More importantly, the set had a generic visual style that could be used for other programmes, such as the national news bulletins, without much additional physical change. During the simulcast, the sports news is at Because of this, we have accepted his decision to resign.

Short approximately four minutes regional news, travel and weather bulletins are just before the hour and the half-hour throughout the programme. Although India claims that the entire state is part of India, it has been prepared to accept the Line of Control as the international border, with some possible modifications.

Disconnect between TRAI and stakeholders The response to the suggestions was lukewarm with most of the stakeholders, including broadcasters and distributors of television channels not in favour of pay-per-view option.

That is simply not how it works. Reuters South Korea 's defence minister-designate Kim Kwan-jin threatens North Korea with air strikes if the shelling of Yeonpyeong is repeated. Reuters Arts and culture Ai Weiwei is prevented from travelling to South Korea by Chinese authorities and is warned his trip could "threaten national security", with imprisoned Liu Xiaobo due to receive the Nobel Peace Prize next week.

Nevertheless, we had a responsibility to ensure the investigation was deliberate and thorough. In addition, live sports bulletins are broadcast from sporting locations, such as Royal Ascot and Wimbledonwith the presenter interviewing key sporting figures.

In view of the state's majority Muslim population, it believes that it would vote to become part of Pakistan. Carol Kirkwoodon 26 Marchwould remain in London presenting weather. I am concerned that this may become a distraction for the company and the team.

On 2 MarchBreakfast relaunched with a new set and studio background. The first Breakfast edition from Salford occurred on Tuesday 10 April The rapid rise of the East India Company was made possible by the catastrophically rapid decline of the Mughals during the 18th century. The Indian government launches a court case to more than double the compensation paid by U.

So Sun TV in the north cannot be priced higher or lower than in the south. Assange speaks of the precautions he has to take against such threats of death, with American politician Mike Huckabee also calling for executions to be carried out. Our two new guests, Dr. Greg Bump and Dr.

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Business news from India.

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A platform for Indian companies to talk to a world audience, giving international investors a deeper insight into one of the planet's most dynamic economies. marketplace morning report Do you have the right to be forgotten online? 9/11/ (Global Edition) From the BBC World Service France is heading to the European Court of Justice today to.

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